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The main concept of this website actually came to my mind from my need of different techniques of cooking. In most cases, ladies are to cook most. Same goes around my house but, things became difficult when my two children joined the family. It was really hard for me to continue with my work and keep cooking healthy foods for my family. But I didn’t give up. There were two reasons why I didn’t:
  1. Cooking was my hobby since Childhood,
  2. I wouldn’t compromise my family’s health with any other things in the world.

So, I decided myself so come up with new techniques. Techniques that can save my time and ensure my family’s nutrition at the same time. That’s when I realized that there could be more people facing the same problem and might be looking for ways to come through the solution.

cook healthy recipeAt CookHealthyRecipe.com , you will be able to find new ways of making your favorite dishes, there are sections for 10/20/30 minutes dishes of various kinds. Also, there is a section for people who are on diet and looking for special diet meals with good taste.

we’ve discovered that – notwithstanding eating – sharing is your main thing best. Furthermore, on account of the 20 you million who come here every month, we now have 500,000 formulas to appear for it, more than anyplace else in the computerized universe. We likewise have tons insane enticing photographs, troves of formula surveys and more than 2 million Facebook likes. That is a hell of a great deal of Food. Much obliged to you!

We thought we’d celebrate with a crisp, new Food. Our point is to make such a lot of cooking, eating and sharing less demanding. Whether it’s finding a formula, flaunting your most recent cooking triumph, shooting an executioner supper or sharing the easy routes that make your life run all the more easily, the better than ever Food.com makes this spot – your home for sharing all things sustenance – the spot to be.

So glance around, make sense of what to make for supper today evening time, and see where everything takes you. We’re happy you’re here, and we welcome you to return frequently. What’s more, the way you get a kick out of the chance to #CookAndTell – we trust you’ll accomplish a greater amount of it here with us.